Finishing products

Lifetime product – Wood treatment

Protect, seal and color your wood surfaces with Ligna’s natural and environmentally friendly oils.

Lifetime a Canadian ecological product. You apply the treatment for Lifetime wood once. Lifetime makes the wood gray to create a silver patina, a wood barn look without polluting and need to apply another layer every 2 or 5 years.

The aged wood look or barn style is becoming more and more trendy. Lifetime will give you that authentic effect while protecting your wood from rot, mold, insects and fungi. After the application Lifetime gives the tone of brown, some woods will take some time before obtaining the rich silvery patina sought (4 to 6 weeks), it is only after a while, under the action of the sun and of rain that the graying patina will be created. If you want a great instant wood finish, use the Barn Wood effect.

Easy to apply and maintain, see all details here.

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